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Our search engine for philatelic items to be found in auctions from around the world.

Looking for something in particular?

Should you have a specific item(s) that are difficult to locate. A special area of collecting, needing a dedicated philatelic finder.

You missed an item in a past auction!! If only you had known!!!

We have developed a service to assist clients to locate these items when they become available.

All you need to do is fill in the Stamp Finder sheet located in the drop down box. Once completed, forward the form to us and we will inform you when the item(s) are available.

Being the major auction agency in the UK we have access to all the auction houses, whether it is in the UK or Worldwide.

No need to miss that item again. Sit back and let us do the work.

To take advantage of this service, just register as a client with us.

This also enables you to get our free monthly auction newsletter.

All information is given in strict confidence.

You can register your requests for our stamp finding service by either, downloading our PDF and returning via fax or email, or by entering your details into our online form:

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