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The James Podger collection of Cayman Islands.
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Featuring the Richard Beith collection of Czechoslovak Forces in exile during WW2. Ted Bishop collection of Papua & New Guniea censor marks & WW2 military postal history. Bryan Wood philatelic libary.
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Superb offering over two days in London. Please forward bids for this important sale soonest.Worldwide Stamp and Covers many fine items on offer over the two day sale. Nelson Letters, Forces mail,Crash overs, stamps and collections throughout.
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1269 lots on offer to include some unpicked box lots, Coins and Postal History items, Single country lots , singles and sets from around the world. Including errors. Strong GB section.
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There is a particularly plentiful pile of boxes and collections to be waded through, ranging as ever from cheap and cheerful ‘glory’ boxes to powerful Commonwealth and one country collections, with an excellent GB section. A few highlights here include 5 different ‘Rainbow’ Colour trials, strong mint QV including 1 1/2d rosy mauve, 2 1/2d rosy mauve pl 2 on blued paper and a £5 orange, also cds high values, some spectacular 1887 Jubilee misperforations and the very scarce Die Proof for the unissued Ed VII £5. In a similar vein there is a group of 4 Ed VII ‘Paste up’ Essays, major rarities (and many years since they’ve handled one), a fine section of u/m 1912 Royal Cypher shades including 2 1/2d dull Prussian blue and 1/- deep bronze brown, also one of the scarcest GV Controls, the 1 1/2d ’18’ only (K omitted). One of the rarest items amongst the GB is the 1948 1/- booklet SG BD6. With a catalogue price of £9000, this is the scarcest GB booklet. follows, with Barbados proofs, Br. PO’s in E. Arabia SG30a inverted surcharge u/m, Fiji SG 139ab 1d mint pair with ‘War Stamp’ omitted, KUT high values including 1922 high values to £100 o/pt Specimen and an exceptional section of Canadian proofs including the 1851 12d, both in the scarlet and brown shades. They also have a Cyprus £5, Falklands Centenary set, Malta 10/- SG 96, Sierra Leone £5, NZ £4.10s SG F167 and the superb Natal £1.10 fine used on piece. Not to be outdone, they also note a China SG 2397a mint strip and 2 important rarities from Switzerland, the 1912 Pro-Juventute set of 3 unissued forerunners used and the 1862 Italian Provisional bisect (SG46a, cats £8500).



Stamps and Postal History of the World.
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The Philatelic Collectors Series. Dr Edward Grabowski Postal History collection of French Colonies.
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Specialized GB Stamps and Postal History.
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Stamps and Covers of France and French colonies.
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British Empire and Foreign Countries.
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Important stamps of Great Britain and Stamps of the World.
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