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571 lots on offer from round the world. Stamps/Postal History/Collections. Please forward your instructions to us in order to action.
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Worldwide & GB Stamps and Postal History. Featuring : John Sussex RDP Collection of East Sussex: Geoff Haslam Collection of Bolton & Manchester.: Bill Walker Collection od Worldwide Airmails & rare Mulreadies, 1d Blacks & Blues over two days. You are able forward your instructions to us to action for these sales.



WE HAVE AGENT ATTENDING. Welcome to our 132nd consecutive British Colony Stamp Auction. Enclosed within is an unusually nice range of rare and difficult material. British Africa: Madagascar includes items from two recent collections we acquired. Nyasaland, the 10 K Edward VII mint. Saint Helena, B1-4 Tristan Relief Set Mint. Sierra Leone, postal fiscals, K George V 5 mint. Togo, includes 80pf second setting etc. Zanzibar #2 mint and strong "2" provisionals - from the landmark John Griffith-Jones collection (of which we were, by far the largest outright buyers!) British West Indies: Bahamas #1 used. British Guiana, strong mint perforated "ships" and provisionals. Cayman Islands on 5 shilling double overprint mint, the scarce 2 on 4d provisional. Falkland Islands largely complete, South Georgia provisional 2d on 2d mint and used, 1 Tercentennial mint and used. Nevis, the one shilling "laid paper" used (only 17 recorded.) British Europe: Cyprus rare used 45pi Edward "CA", the 5 mint. Gibraltar, 5 mint. Great Britain, the 10 penny imperf XF OG, unissued 1d and 8d brown, superb mint 5 orange. British Asia: Ceylon imperf 4d rose very fine. India, strong mint section of Victorian issues. Jordan, first portion of an important new collection plus later many rarities currently off for certificates. Mesopotamia, the most comprehensive used range of these difficult provisional stamps we have ever been able to offer. British Australasia: Australia 2 Kangaroos (times 3 mint plus one used!), the key 20 shilling green "slash" postage due mint and hundreds of other rare and desirable key items. New Zealand, mint #2 OG VF (ex the gold medal Joseph Hackmay collection.
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522 lots on offer with fine selection of collections, accumulations and stock from around the world much of interest. Please view online and forward us your instructions for this sale.
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Very Exclusive and unusual GB items on offer. 236 quality lots please view and forward your instructions in order to secure items quickly.
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Worldwide Philatelic offering including many seldom seen singles and set.
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British Empire and Foreign Countries. NEW DATES......
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Cavendish Stamp Auction

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